Prav Bjarki Ramdin

Post-graduate student, freelance writer.

A pro-EU Englishman with a thirst for travel finding refuge in Finland, studying for my MA in social sciences at Turku University, specialising in the construction of small state identity, particularly the Baltic sea region.   Prior to emigrating to Finland, I studied BA History at Cardiff University, then Scandinavian languages at University College London, specialising in BA Icelandic.  Fluent in Icelandic I happily resided in Reykjavik from 2011-2012.   In 2015 I decided to emmigrate to the eastern fringes of the Nordic world.  The land of short summers and long winters, Seasonal Affective Disorder, a silent, reserved nation, but one that likes a drink, yes I am talking about Finland.  Having lived here for 1 year I have been able to test out these and other stereotypes as to their varacity or falsity.   I have an active interest in politics and the rise in isolationist, nationlist rhetoric that is currently seeping into the mainstream of political discourse.  This coupled with a love of writing led me to start my own website in the summer of 2016, here you will find my musings about not just all things political, but also my take on society, sport and culture.   In between my under-graduate and post-graduate studies I worked successfully as a Mental Health Recovery Worker in Stratford-On-Avon, UK.  I was responsible for the running of a 8-bed unit for schizophrenic patients.